India Bust-full cream

Bust-full cream


A lot of women of today have faced the necessity of esthetic breast modeling. Practically everybody wants to have full perky breast. And it’s not surprising, since décolletage has always been the zone of men’s increased attention.
Bust-Full cream – 100% natural volume, suitable for women regardless of their age, increases your breast by two cup sizes. With it You will forget about stretch marks and your breast will be round and firm. What do Bust-Full cream so effective: Deoxymiroestrol has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, it promotes breast growth; Pueraria Mirifica Root Extract efficiently nourishes and protects skin; Rose Essential Oil increases skin’s resilience and elasticity, removes stretch marks and prevents their appearance.
“If you use the cream daily, your breast volume will increase in 3-4 weeks, the form will look rounder and firmer, the skin will be more elastic and velvety. The cream went through clinical trials conducted by experts from the World Health Organization in 14 countries of the world. Thousands of women made sure that the cream Bust Salon Spa is efficacious. “- Rakhi Jha, Doctor of Biological Sciences Professor.
Bust-full cream – volumizing result!


  • Bust-full cream
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  1. Just bought that cream, literally 3-4 days ago. So far, I can only confirm its good moisturizing effect. I hope to see the first results soon!

  2. My wife has been asking me to give her the money
    for plastic surgery. What am I,a millionaire? I’ll offer her an alternative.

  3. This product actually increases breast size. Not much, but there are some results.My bust circumference was 80 cm. It is 91 cm now.

    • Yes,it does. I gave birth to and breastfed three
      sons. After using Bust-Full, the stretch
      marks became less noticeable and the shape
      of the breasts improved. My husband loves them!

  4. I received my order yesterday. The tube looks as
    pictured. It smells nice. The cream’s not sticky, and the skin feels great after using it I hope the tube is enough for the whole

  5. Has the packaging of this bust full cream changed from pink to black?? Becoz I want to order but when I checked this website earlier it’s was pink and now it’s black..Just want to confirm if it’s the same product


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