India Green Coffee (capsules)

Green Coffee (capsules)


GREEN COFEE in capsules – IT’S A SIMPLEST WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT! YOU WILL BE SLIM AGAIN! The most innovative method of reducing body fat by means of the green coffee bean extract is already the world N1 alternative to diets and exercise. 100% organic product and Richest natural source of chlorogenic (fat-burning) acid, effects metabolism boost appetite control; moreover – NO food restrictions required! No food restrictions – no stresses!
October 2015 the results of the scientific study on Green Coffee was published in the Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity magazine. The study, conducted by the Massachusetts University scientists, revealed the following effect of the chlorogenic acid: Firstly, it transforms glucose and body fat into energy. Secondly, it prevents sugar absorption and thus – the body fat accumulation. Twelve week lasting clinical tests revealed the following results:

  • The average of 10% body weight loss
  • The average of 16% body fat loss

No side effects were revealed. Green coffee not only helps you lose weight, but also contains many beneficial substances. Purified, without any unnecessary impurities and with maximum concentration the green coffee extract has a miraculous effect, indeed! Moreover, green coffee in capsules is cost-saving, space-efficient and easy to use. Green coffee – it’s all you need for quick weight loss.


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